Certificate of International Business

The Certificate of International Business (CIB) program is designed for all majors and BBA candidates in the Robinson College of Business. Its objective is to certify a solid international business background (base) for those who wish to enhance their preparation and opportunities when entering the job market. It includes an experience through a required study abroad program and three additional classes with  well-defined international business content.


In addition to taking BUSA 3000, the Certificate of International Business requires 12 hours of coursework. This includes three (3) credit hours from one of the study abroad programs listed in Group A. (If the program is worth six (6) credit hours, only three (3) will count toward the certificate total of 12.) Students who spend a full semester abroad on another program can apply on an individual basis for credit hours. Each case will be evaluated individually as to decide how many credit hours will count towards the certificate. To be accepted to the five-year program, students must be admitted separately to each degree program and satisfy prerequisites for each program.

Courses Required

BUSA 3000* in addition to:

 Group A (Must Pick One)

  • IB 4391
    • IB Field Study
  • IB 4410
    • Management in South America
    • International Entrepreneurship
    • Management in Transitional Economies in Eastern Europe
    • Financial & Managerial Issues in France and the EU
  • MGS 4860
    • Business Mediterranean Style
    • Study Abroad in Transition Markets

Group B (Must Pick At Least One)

  • IB 3090 Introduction to International Business
  • IB 4100 International Entrepreneurship
  • IB 4020 International Trade Management
  • IB 4080 Legal Issues in International Business

Group C (Additional Choices)

  • FI 4040 Foundations of International Finance
  • FI 4240 Global Portfolio Management
  • MK 4600 International Marketing
  • ECON 4800 International Trade
  • ECON 4810 International Finance

Group D (additional choices, but no more than 1 may be counted)

  • SPAN 4405 Spanish for International Business
  • SPAN 4407 Spanish for International Business II
  • FREN 4033 French for International Business
  • FREN 4043 French for International Business II
  • GRMN 4431 German for International Business
  • GRMN 4432 German for International Business II

*All grades must be a B- or higher


Download the IIB Certificate Application